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Re: rust support for base system rust

Am Thu, Oct 27, 2022 at 12:50:58AM +0200 schrieb Jonathan Schleifer:
> > If I have understood correctly, rust is so fast-moving in terms of
> > changes to the language and therefore annoying in that they typically
> > don't guarantee more than one version backward compatibility, i.e. you
> > typically need 1.63 to build 1.64.
> Could we go with a model similar to go, where you can build through several
> go versions until you reach the most current one? I suppose we could leave
> the last 5 or so around, so if you missed a few updates, you are still able
> to catch up by source, but if you missed too many, well, you need to
> bootstrap again.

Problem is that you also need a correspondingly aged LLVM version for


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