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Re: Use CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) for pkgsrc?

Hi Thomas!

On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 02:12:09PM +0200, Thomas Merkel wrote:
> I started a bit on working on this and adapted the from
> FreeBSD. As this would be my first commit to an mk-File I'm looking
> for some feedback.

Thanks for working on this!

I assume you'll include this file from so it's available
for all packages.

> I assume after this is present we could have a look for adding it into
> pkg_info?

Yes, that's easy:


will add "VARIABLE_NAME" do the build definitions, so you can query it
with "pkg_info -Q VARIABLE_NAME PKGNAME".

In this case, I think you want to adding


to the end of

Do you have a diff for an easy and a more complicated package, so we
can see what setting these variables will look like?

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