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Re: cmake/

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> It almost  seems like USE_TOOLS should be how you say it, like you would
>> with gnu autocond that can source the
> I thought about this, and I disagree.
> CMake is not a tool in the way that you put it in $PATH and then it's
> used, and that's it. When you want to use CMake, all the usual steps
> need to be changed (configure/build/install) - it's a complete build
> system, like autoconf.
> If I added "autoconf" support today, I would probably add a mk
> fragment as well - not sure what I would call it, but the main effect
> would be to add a 'pre-configure' target that runs 'autoreconf' - the
> configure/build/install steps would be the same.
> Additionally, there's prior art with meson, which also changes all the
> steps (configure/build/install). So I think the "" name is
> more suitable.

Fair points and I'm ok with it.  But then I think it should be separated
with a blank line from buildlink3 files and precede them, because it's
changing the build and demanding a 'host tool' be present, vs things
compiled for the target.

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