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Re: categories of science: math biology geography ? and?

On 7/28/22 14:01, David Holland wrote:
On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 12:08:49PM -0500, Jason Bacon wrote:
  > Math is the best category we have for scipy, but I think science would
  > be a better fit, since it's not 100% math and all the math in it is
  > scientific in nature, not, e.g. theoretical math, business math, math
  > education, ...  This would help unclutter the math category, which is
  > huge in part because it's sometimes used as a catch-all.

scipy, like numpy, is numerics, and it would make some sense to
separate those from math. It would also make a clear place to put
machine learning toolkits, which currently I think are mostly getting
dumped in devel.

(That is, if we're going to be making new categories, I kind of think
"numerics" would be a good one to add.)

I also kind of feel like "sciences" would be a better name than
"science", but that gets into TEAL WITH CREAM ACCEConnection closed by
foreign host.

When adding new categories, I'd be inclined to fall in line with other
package managers that already have a similar one, just to avoid minor
annoyances for pkgsrc users coming from other platforms.

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