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Re: categories of science: math biology geography … and?

On 7/27/22 04:57, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
I wonder where to put software for scientific computing in other
disciplines. Math somehow fits all computery science stuff that
computes things, but what about a general 'science' category or
chemistry and physics? Or … hm … computer science? ;-)

What's the process to decide on new categories or changes there in

Alrighty then,


We discussed this a few years back and I think the consensus was it would be OK to add a science category, but then my work priorities changed and it fell off the radar. I have some things in wip that would go under science.

There are some things already poorly categoried due to the lack of a science category like biology/gromacs, maybe biology/chemtool, math/py-scipy, etc. I'm not suggesting they should all be moved, but it would be nice to stop adding to the confusion (for those of us who care about categories).

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