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Re: categories of science: math biology geography ? and?

27.07.2022 14:08:25 Greg Troxel <>:
> I'm not sure about CATEGORIES; the only thing I see that isn't a
> directory name is python.  But honestly I don't pay attention because it
> isn't useful to me.    Probably pkglint complains about something that's
> unusual, maybe now, maybe tomorrow now that I've said this.

Yes, pkglint already complains. I haven't touched that code for years, and I have no plans of doing anything in that area. Pkglint just codifies the existing practice that is documented in

Several years ago (maybe even 15), the additional categories were used for symlinking binary packages. I don't know of anybody who missed these symlinks after they were removed. The subdirectory packages/All is the last reminder of these times.

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