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Re: categories of science: math biology geography ? and?

On Wed, 27 Jul 2022 11:57:40 +0200
"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> wrote:

> I wonder where to put software for scientific computing in other
> disciplines. Math somehow fits all computery science stuff that
> computes things, but what about a general 'science' category or
> chemistry and physics? Or ? hm ? computer science? ;-)

I miss a category for electronics engineering. But then again it might
only contain 20 or so packages. For example cad/spice and cross/openocd
belong in ee.

It helps to view the categories not as a means to sort things optimally
but to avoid having too many packages in one directory (looking at you,
devel/). There is also $CATEGORIES which you can use to annotate
packages beyond what directory they are in. Is there a canonical
list of allowed values for $CATEGORIES somewhere?

> What's the process to decide on new categories or changes there in
> general?

Probably involves a substantial amount of bikeshedding.

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