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Re: openssl3?

Jonathan Perkin <> writes:

> I did some test builds with OpenSSL 3 last year, hoping that I could
> use it for our 2021Q4 LTS branch, but it was clear that there was too
> much software that was incompatible so I shelved that idea until
> upstreams could sort themselves out.

I guess then people who want openssl3 can:

  - do test builds
  - file bugs with upstreams that do have a formal release that supports
  - otherwise, figure out patches to make the most recent formal release
    work, file them upstream, and add to pkgsrc along with upstream

Particularly when pkgsrc is tilting against upstream conflicts (openssl
changes API and other upstreams don't feel the need to publish a release
that works with the new API), I would like us to follow the "file
upstream and include URL" rule.  We are accumulating a lot of patches
that we shouldn't have to carry.  That's not about openssl, but I
suspect making openssl3 work before the opensource world generally makes
it work is a bit of pushing wet noodles uphill.

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