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Re: openssl3?

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Does anyone have a plan on how to integrate openssl3 in pkgsrc?


> I assume that packaging the software itself will not be the problem, but

step 1 is a package in wip, it seems.

> * can we parallel-install it with openssl 1.1.1?
>   -> can we switch package-per-package to openssl 3 or must we switch
>      all at once?

Good question; it could be treated like guile, but that may be a lot of
work.  Once we have a package someone could locally point at it and do a
bulk build and see what happens.

I am unclear on the degree of breakage:

  - Is it expected that a program that builds against 1.1.1 with no
    deprecation warnings will build against 3?
  - What is the general state of upstreams: what fraction of ssl-using
    packages have releases that build cleanly with openssl3.

> * how do we handle operating systems that are still on 1.0 or 1.1
>   branches?

I would expect 3 in pkgsrc and 1.1 native is just like 1.1 pkgsrc and
1.0 native.   That seems to work more or less fine.   Can you clarify
your concern?

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