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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/firefox

> Sorry for my late reply.

No worries.

> (3) Some C and C++ codes of the new libwebrtc require -msse2 and
> CFLASG=-msse2 and CXXFLAGS=-msse2 is defined only for x86 and x86_64
> Linux/macOS/Android.
> (4) pkgsrc/www/firefox/patces/patch-libwebrtc.diff fixes the problem (3).
> And current pkgsrc/www/firefox/patces/patch-libwebrtc.diff is
> insufficient for NetBSD/i386. And I have correct patch-libwebrtc.diff
> in my local tree and I am ready to commit it.
> (5) As far as I understand correctly, CFLAGS+=-msse2 and
> CXXFLAGS+=-msse2 or similar workarounds are problematic for pkgsrc/www/firefox.

It would be nice to not have to do that, yes.

> I have no idea about lang/rust for i686.

The first one needs to be cross-built, something I've done and
I've tested with the result, but I'm now back to testing with the
i586-configured rust.

> However my test environment uses i586 lang/rust and www/firefox-101.0.1
> is built without problems under NetBSD/i386 9 in my local tree.
> I want to commit www/firefox-101.0.1 soon.
> If lang/rust-1.61.0 will be built for i686, I must reconsider
> new situation. Could you please let me know lang/rust for i686.

If we can make firefox build and work by continuing to use the
i586-configured rust, that is something I would prefer.


- Håvard

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