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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/firefox


Sorry for my late reply.

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

> Hi,
> I got a comment that the previous message may not have been
> entirely clear.  Let me try to explain.
> The rust package can be built with two variants on NetBSD/i386:
> configured for i586 (pentium) or for i686 (pentium4 and newer).
> On i586, rust depends on mk/ to get 8-byte atomics
> into play, needed by llvm, which may be integral to rust.
> If CFLAGS doesn't already contain an -march= specification,
> mk/ will add -march=i586.
> It seems that with firefox 101, firefox now needs to be built
> with -msse2 on our i386 port; at least in my case I got the
> "target specific option mismatch" build error (that was while not
> specifying anything regarding -march= or -msse2 in the firefox
> Makefile, so added -march=i586).
> It also appears that the firefox build system checks to see if
> the -march specified in CFLAGS matches the rust variant used to
> build firefox.  So ... the code as it stands now disallows
> building firefox using the i586 rust variant while also
> specifying -march=i686 in CFLAGS.
> I have succeeded building firefox 101 by using an i686-
> configured rust 1.61.0, and by adding
> CFLAGS+=        -march=i686 -msse2 -mtune=generic -mstackrealign
> to the firefox Makefile.  I do not know if all of these are
> required.  With this added, the build succeeded without errors in my
> case.
> I have not yet tested building firefox 101 by using the
> i586-configured rust 1.61.0, and by adding
> CFLAGS+=        -march=i586 -msse2 -mtune=generic -mstackrealign
> but that is next on my plate.  Even though no CPU exists which only
> does i586 but also has sse2, the theory is that the firefox build
> system might allow the use of the i586-configured rust in this case,
> but the resulting code will obviously only be runnable on >=i686 due
> to -msse2.  We'll see what gcc (7 in this case, on 9.2) and the
> firefox build system thinks about that.
> Failing that, it could be argued that the firefox build system's
> insistence on equal rust variant and derived host might be
> loosened...
> The rust we're currently shipping for NetBSD/i386 is the i586
> variant, so that it may be used on e.g. AMD Geode chips.
> BTW, I am currently trying a bulid with
> MAKE_ENV+=     RUSTFLAGS="-C opt-level=1 -C codegen-units=1"
> commented out.  I experienced one "abort" by rustc, but
> restarting the build appears to have overcome that problem spot.
> The backtrace I got was
> Core was generated by `rustc'.
> Program terminated with signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
> #0  0xa45568f7 in _lwp_kill () from /usr/lib/
> [Current thread is 1 (process 6)]
> (gdb) where
> #0  0xa45568f7 in _lwp_kill () from /usr/lib/
> #1  0xa4556811 in raise (s=s@entry=6) at /usr/src/lib/libc/gen/raise.c:48
> #2  0xa4555e70 in abort () at /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/abort.c:74
> #3  0xa46509a2 in std::sys::unix::abort_internal ()
>    from /usr/pkg/lib/
> #4  0xa464797f in __rust_foreign_exception ()
>    from /usr/pkg/lib/
> #5  0xa467d0aa in __rust_panic_cleanup ()
>    from /usr/pkg/lib/
> #6  0xa4618c90 in std::panicking::try::cleanup ()
>    from /usr/pkg/lib/
> #7  0xa5133056 in _RNSNvYNCINvMNtCs2fsWnCEmWLs_3std6threadNtBa_7Builder16spawn_unchecked_NCINvXs0_Cs8iVpA9pE5Ri_18rustc_codegen_llvmNtB1f_18LlvmCodegenBackendNtNtNtCsccTtJdT3LS4_17rustc_codegen_ssa6traits7backend19ExtraBackendMethods18spawn_named_threadNCINvNtNtB2j_4back5write10spawn_workB1N_E0uE0uEs_0INtNtNtCs1vwdbJ0AxsW_4core3ops8function6FnOnceuE9call_once6vtableB1f_ ()
>    from /usr/pkg/lib/
> #8  0xa462eae9 in std::sys::unix::thread::Thread::new::thread_start ()
>    from /usr/pkg/lib/
> #9  0xa42c5553 in pthread__create_tramp (cookie=0x22a14000)
>     at /usr/src/lib/libpthread/pthread.c:592
> #10 0xa446b4b0 in __mknod50 () from /usr/lib/
> #11 0x22a14000 in ?? ()
> Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)
> (gdb) 
> This might look like an llvm-internal thing which triggered the
> abort.
> Just FYI, the host I'm building firefox on is running NetBSD/i386 9.2
> and is an IBM x3550 with 8GB memory installed, using the GENERIC_PAE
> kernel, and it has a total of 6GB swap configured, and I'm doing the
> build with MAKE_JOBS set to 3.

lang /rust under my NetBSD/i386 9 test environment is for i586.
I have no idea about how to build lang/rust of i686.
(Maybe I cannot read all related emails yet...)

I would like to share my knowledge about www/firefox.

(1) SSE2 support is introduced in earlier Firefox.

(2) Firefox 96.0 introduces new libwebrtc and its build fragments are
designed for Windows/macOS/Linux/Android only.

(3) Some C and C++ codes of the new libwebrtc require -msse2 and
CFLASG=-msse2 and CXXFLAGS=-msse2 is defined only for x86 and x86_64

(4) pkgsrc/www/firefox/patces/patch-libwebrtc.diff fixes the problem (3).
And current pkgsrc/www/firefox/patces/patch-libwebrtc.diff is
insufficient for NetBSD/i386. And I have correct patch-libwebrtc.diff
in my local tree and I am ready to commit it.

(5) As far as I understand correctly, CFLAGS+=-msse2 and
CXXFLAGS+=-msse2 or similar workarounds are problematic for pkgsrc/www/firefox.

I have no idea about lang/rust for i686.
However my test environment uses i586 lang/rust and www/firefox-101.0.1
is built without problems under NetBSD/i386 9 in my local tree.
I want to commit www/firefox-101.0.1 soon.

If lang/rust-1.61.0 will be built for i686, I must reconsider
new situation. Could you please let me know lang/rust for i686.

Thank you.

> Best regards,
> - Håvard

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