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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/firefox

>> I guess I'll be building a new i686 rust bootstrap to re-try.
> I suspect this wasn't needed, will re-try with a "normal" i586
> rust 1.61.0.

I was wrong, should have recalled.  With the i586-configured
rust, I get:

   checking rustc version... 1.61.0
   checking cargo version... 1.61.0
   checking for rust host triplet... 
   ERROR: The rust compiler host (i586-unknown-netbsd) is not suitable for the configure host (i686-unknown-netbsd).

   You can solve this by:
   * Set your configure host to match the rust compiler host by editing your
   mozconfig and adding "ac_add_options --host=i586-unknown-netbsd".
   * Or, install the rust toolchain for i686-unknown-netbsd, if supported, by running
   "rustup default stable-i686-unknown-netbsd"

   *** Error code 1

I'm not entirely certain how to handle the situation where we
have two possible rust variants on NetBSD/i386.  Perhaps we will
need to default to the i686 variant, not sure how we can continue
to make the i586 version available.  Require a rust-specific
option for the i586 users, recognized by rust and rust-bin?


- Håvard

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