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Re: security/ca-certificates

I just reread the 3 packages.

At this point my opinion is that:

  0) nothing in pkgsrc depends on ca-certificates, which is good.

  1) ca-certificates doesn't explain that it's a port of a Debian
  package and this should be fixed.  That's easy.

  2) there is no version of ca-certificates that just installs bits in
  $PREFIX/share.   Also fairly easy, perhaps rides along with 3)

  3) I see update-ca-certificates in INSTALL, but no mechanism to undo that
  on deinstallaion.  This is the big problem, even if what is left is
  dangling symlinks.  (If an admin runs it by hand, that's their
  problem, not pkgsrc's.  This is about it happening via pkg_install.)

A way forward is to drop INSTALL, fixing 3, and as a side effect fixing
2.  And to add to DESCR a sentence about where it comes from, along with
gdt-style statements about things that aren't clear (does or might
debian modify the mozilla set?), which anyone is welcome to fix by
clarifying :-)

Then, there could be ca-certificates-openssl depending on this with
INSTALL and DEINSTALL, such that pkg_add/pkg_delete of it results in no
change (except that mozilla-openssl-rootcerts and this colliding isn't a
big deal and they should be marked as conflicting).

I believe that mozilla-rootcerts-openssl avoids problem 3.

(I am not trying to insist that installing/deinstalling such a package
won't munge existing config of these certs, just that
installing/deinstalling when base doesn't have this config already
results in no change.)

I realize this probably makes nobody truly happy, but it seems to be a
reasonable middle ground.  So I'll go ahead and enhance DESCR (which
should be uncontroversial), and will drop INSTALL after a few days
absent an argument why leaving things outside of prefix after an
install/deinstall cycle is ok, or that I'm confused and it doesn't do

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