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Re: security/ca-certificates

nia <> writes:

> It also means more ambiguity and mess... I would really like it if there
> was simply _one_ way to get certificates and we could properly document
> it in places like the pkgsrc guide. These discussions so far are
> completely irrelevant to anyone using pkgsrc on platforms other
> than NetBSD as well...

We generally take the view that if there are N ways to do things in the
world we allow packaging of all of them.   This package isn't something
I want, but prohibiting it because somebody might use it when we think
they shouldn't is beyond our normal practice.

> These certs are from Debian, but nowhere does it actually say this
> unless you read the Makefile.

That's a totally valid complaint about DESCR.  It seems the current
DESCR was rototilled by me after a previous discussion, or at least it
sounds that way when I read it :-)

Would also be fair to rename to debian-ca-certificates-openssl and then
it doesn't seem so confusing.

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