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Discussion about pkgsrc dependencies and default build options

Quoting myself:

Why does nmap use pkgsrc lua on NetBSD when NetBSD has lua by default?

I should clarify. I think it'd be worthwhile to have a discussion about how what's included in base affects decisions about pkgsrc.

For instance, there has been talk for years about the possibility of moving from CVS to git. However, it would be silly for that move to happen before we started including git in base, or at very least had a very much paired down, minimal git-base in pkgsrc.

After all, git-base has as prerequisites perl, pcre, SASL, curl (which, as has been discussed elsewhere, includes python, libxml2 and friends) and more. Is all of that necessary for most git use? How much of that is there for features that are rarely if ever used?

While the idea of sets of package defaults was brought up and it was decided that it's not a good idea, I think it might be worth considering some meta-options that could be used to build very minimal versions of commonly used tools such as curl and git-base, either for use in small footprint VM images or in embedded systems, perhaps with the thought of use in base later.



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