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Re: dropping devel/go-jwt-go and databases/go-tiedot?

I forgot to add:
I'll remove the 2 projects from pkgsrc when I get no negative
reply on it in the next 2 weeks.

Nikita Ronja Gillmann transcribed 0.8K bytes:
> Hi,
> I've discovered that the source for jwt moved and it got
> a couple of new releases. However I think we should drop
> this, as it is probably used by Golang projects via the
> go module, and we'd be importing it that way then.
> As per grep, there seem to be 0 packages in pkgsrc using it.
> Okay to remove (I'm the maintainer)?
> tiedot has made a README addition in 2021 on the state of the
> project. It has seen its last release in 2017, and according to
> the README file it is dormant since 2016 (and will likely see
> no future releases).
> I assume from what I know, that Go is rather backwards
> compatible. This is a NoSQL database, but the same reasoning
> as above applies: if someone uses this in their project,
> they would probably use it in a go module file and we'd pull
> it in this way.
> Okay to remove (I'm the maintainer)?

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