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devsetup: local development environment based on pkgsrc

Hi tech-pkg@,

I am currently working on a tool to help fellow developers work with a consistent development environment, regardless of their respective systems, and pkgsrc is an obvious choice as a base.

This tool is called devsetup, and you can find it on GitHub at

It currently defaults to the pkgsrc-2022Q1 release as provided by EdgeBSD, but this can easily be changed:

    $ echo PKGSRC_REPOSITORY_REMOTE="” > ~~/.config/devsetup.conf

In its current form, it attempts to install a local, unprivileged instance of Dovecot, Nginx, PostgreSQL, and OpenLDAP, and to get these pieces to work together. This is work in progress, I am still working on the configuration.

Anyway, I just hope it will be useful to someone.


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