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dropping devel/go-jwt-go and databases/go-tiedot


I've discovered that the source for jwt moved and it got
a couple of new releases. However I think we should drop
this, as it is probably used by Golang projects via the
go module, and we'd be importing it that way then.
As per grep, there seem to be 0 packages in pkgsrc using it.
Okay to remove (I'm the maintainer)?

tiedot has made a README addition in 2021 on the state of the
project. It has seen its last release in 2017, and according to
the README file it is dormant since 2016 (and will likely see
no future releases).
I assume from what I know, that Go is rather backwards
compatible. This is a NoSQL database, but the same reasoning
as above applies: if someone uses this in their project,
they would probably use it in a go module file and we'd pull
it in this way.
Okay to remove (I'm the maintainer)?

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