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freeze started for 2021Q4 branch

Thanks to everyone who kept things stable leading up to the freeze, and
who applied updates.

I am not aware of any big breakage.  Please reply on-list (or privately)
if you are aware of trouble relative to what build for Q3 (and you
aren't about to fix it :-).

See for freeze rules, inserted here:

By definition, a "micro update" is one that contains only bugfixes. It
cannot contain build system changes, or anything that could cause it to
fail on a platform it has not been tested on. (Typically, a release
labeled micro from an upstream is a micro release, but some upstreams
make bigger changes; our definition is about actual content, not
upstream labeling.)

gdt's rules

    Build fixes are welcome

    Bug fixes (especially security fixes) are very welcome

    Micro updates that would be eligible and appropriate for stable
    branch pullups, because they fix a security bug or something
    serious, are ok

    Micro updates for packages whose recursive total depending package
    count is < 25 are ok

    For any other updates (especially under mk or pkgtools), please ask,
    explaining why the update furthers pkgsrc's goals of stabilty and
    usefulness for users. While there's no intent to completely prohibit
    changes, I'm concerned about impacts to platforms not tested, and I
    value working packages from the branch over packages being slightly

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