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Re: mail/libmilter fails ot build on macOS 10.13

John Nemeth <> writes:

>     Use of _res is not thread safe.  This is well known.  sendmail
> itself is not threaded (being rather ancient), but it does get
> linked to threaded libraries.  At this point, the use of _res causes
> it to go BOOM.  On systems with modern thread safe resolver functions
> (res_n*), sm_res points to a variable within sendmail, which is
> initalized and passed to the res_n* functions.  On older systems,
> it is simply pointed to _res.
>      libmilter is a separate library that isn't part of the main
> sendmail, so didn't need the sm_res treatment.  Thus I have deleted
> it.  I didn't detect the problem before because NetBSD has
> gethostbyname2() and nobody had reported this issue.  The interesting
> thing is that libmilter is threaded and explicitly says that
> everything linked to it needs to be thread safe.  Calling
> gethostbyname() or gethostbyname2() isn't thread safe.  Those
> functions have internal state.

Thanks; that sounds somewhat messy but also it seems to be an issue that
should be addressed by upstream, rather than needing to be patched by

> } As you have set yourself to $OWNER, I'm writing instead of changing
>      I did this because it is a rather complex package.
> } anything, and would appreciate it if you could fix this by start of
> } freeze, expected early next week.

Thanks very much for the quick fix; builds for me on macOS 10.13 and
NetBSD 9.

Some time you have a chance, it would be nice to add comments and
upstream bug report links (or an explanation why one isn't appropriate)
to the patches.


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