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rust testing

I'm trying to organize my own thoughts about what needs testing for an
update near freeze.  This is very unbaked and should be viewed as draft
and likely wrong, posted in the spirit of if I don't say something,
nobody will say how what I'm thinking is wrong.

the following is known ok

  netbsd 9 amd64 firefox
  illumos (jperkin said he's ok with this)

and so I think what we really need now is:

  netbsd 9 i386 firefox (or maybe we don't need this if rust builds)
  netbsd 9 aarch64 firefox (ditto)

  netbsd 8 amd64 librsvg
  netbsd 8 i386 librsvg

  figure out if linux rust matters in pkgsrc


  give everyone who cares with a less-maintstream platform a chance to
  try it

Opinions?  Too much?  Too little?

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