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Re: rust testing

On Tue, 7 Sept 2021 at 15:42, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> I'm trying to organize my own thoughts about what needs testing for an
> update near freeze.  This is very unbaked and should be viewed as draft
> and likely wrong, posted in the spirit of if I don't say something,
> nobody will say how what I'm thinking is wrong.
> the following is known ok
>   netbsd 9 amd64 firefox
>   illumos (jperkin said he's ok with this)
> and so I think what we really need now is:
>   netbsd 9 i386 firefox (or maybe we don't need this if rust builds)
>   netbsd 9 aarch64 firefox (ditto)
>   netbsd 8 amd64 librsvg
>   netbsd 8 i386 librsvg
>   figure out if linux rust matters in pkgsrc
> and
>   give everyone who cares with a less-maintstream platform a chance to
>   try it

I'm not necessarily adding much in the way of signal over noise, but
to me that seems like a very good balance.

As an aside if anyone wants a librsvg using test package which doesn't
pull in the entire world then the jwm window manager just needs
librsvg, png, jpeg & fribidi (and any of the four can be individually
disabled via :-p)


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