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Re: Rust and Q-branching

> Are you saying that what is right now in wip/rust is, more or
> less exactly, something you believe is likely safe to update
> lang/rust?  In other words, is testing wip/rust valid in terms
> of checking the proposed update?

I've tested that I get a working firefox out of using what's in
wip/rust right now on amd64-current with -current pkgsrc, so in
that sense "yes".

I've started the activity to build firefox on i386 (8.0 and 9.2),
but it's taking a while since these builds are not done with an
empty pkg installation, and doing the updates creates a need to
babysit the build.

Then it's a matter of which firefox builds we allow to act as a
blocker, either because of "unknown" or "failed" build status.


- Håvard

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