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Re: Rust and Q-branching

>> As we approach the next stable Q-branching, I wonder if we plan to
>> ship it with Rust-1.52.1 ?
> Absent an update staged in wip, an argument that nothing will break,
> discussion and PMC approval (which is merely observing that the argument
> was made and that the larger group buys the argument), it is too late to
> update rust, now that it is after September 1.

That's unfortunate.

> I do see rust 1.54.0 in wip.  But any update needs to not cause failures
> to the build of rust and also things that depend on rust, on pretty much
> all platforms where they work now, so that we don't enter the freeze
> with e.g. firefox not building.  I have no idea what platforms that
> builds on so far.

I have at least an existence proof that rust 1.54.0 permits the
build of firefox 91.0.2 on NetBSD/amd64 9.99.81, and the result
appears to work just fine, or at least as well as firefox did

I have builds ongoing for i386 (8.0 and 9.2), but it's taking a
while.  Rust itself builds, at least.

What other platforms do we need this tested on?  arm64, perhaps?


- Håvard

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