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Re: Rust and Q-branching

pin <> writes:

> I've been holding off updates to some packages I maintain as new releases
> require Rust-1.54

It is really unfortunate that the rust world thinks it is ok to depend
on really recent rust.  1.54.0 was only released 36 days ago.  So
separately from our stability concerns about updates close to freeze, I
don't think it's a problem to defer those updates until after branching.

> As we approach the next stable Q-branching, I wonder if we plan to
> ship it with Rust-1.52.1 ?

Absent an update staged in wip, an argument that nothing will break,
discussion and PMC approval (which is merely observing that the argument
was made and that the larger group buys the argument), it is too late to
update rust, now that it is after September 1.

I do see rust 1.54.0 in wip.  But any update needs to not cause failures
to the build of rust and also things that depend on rust, on pretty much
all platforms where they work now, so that we don't enter the freeze
with e.g. firefox not building.  I have no idea what platforms that
builds on so far.

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