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Re: sqlite3 extensions again

Some more notes:

  /usr/lib/libgssapi depends on base sqlite.  I am unclear on if that
  and pkgsrc sqlite can coexist in a proces, but I tend to think not.

  Other things in pkgsrc depend on sqlite.  Some (proj) are in the geo
  world and I can force them to pkgsrc.  But in general this is

Therefore were I end up, even though it feels not really reasonable, is
that for now:

  in sqlite3/, don't accept NetBSD base ever, because it isn't
  what the world expects as sqlite3

  for anything in base that links to sqlite3, also don't accept that.

which is pretty icky, especially the 2nd part.

Longer term, I think the right approach is to make base sqlite3 meet the
sqlite3 default expectations.  I remember us going around on this before
(for json1, not rtree) and deciding we couldn't because it would be some
kind of ABI break, and I'll try to find and read the archives.

In the meantime I'll try turning on rtree in base on my system.

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