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sqlite3 extensions again

I am running regression tests for gdal against the pkgsrc build (long
story in itself), and ran into an sqlite3 issue.


  there is an extension rtree in sqlite3

  NetBSD base system sqlite3 does not have rtree enabled

  pkgsrc sqlite3 has an off-by-default rtree option

  pkgsrc sqlite3 appears to have rtree anyway

In databases/sqlite3, it calls configure in the normal way, but then
there are a lot of -DFLAG additions to CPPFLAGS.

Also, I don't really understand there being options, unless something is
so expensive that it's unreasonable to provide it.   pkgsrc sqlite is
30K text more than base, but that's not large compared to pkgsrc in
general, and things being off and needed elsewhere is really painful.

I'd like to clean this up a bit (after confirming that the pkgsrc build
works with gdal).  Given that the default configure turns on rtree, I
would just drop the option.  And perhaps some other options.

Objections?  Comments?  Am I missing something and there's a reason it
is how it is?

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