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Re: Bulk builds do not run on NetBSD 9.2

Martin Husemann <> writes:

>> As I see it pkgsrc decided to change the standard location for pkgdb.
>> So while it's possible now, as it was before, for any individual person
>> to change all manner of deafult settings, it's nonstandard to have the
>> db in /var/db/pkg.
> All totally agreed.
> I see it from a higher level view: the pkg installation on other systems
> comes (hardcoded) with the bootstrap kit. For NetBSD it does not, and that
> is the gap we are falling into here.
> It is not really the base systems job to get pkg defaults correct, and
> effectively they do not need to be hardcoded at all - see pkg_add's -p
> option, and also consider binary pkgs could be build with totally different
> settings (like another PREFIX) and still work fine - all that would be
> needed is a few config changes *before* installing the first binary pkgs.

That's sort of true, but as I see it there are two reasonable setups:

  1) base system does not have *any* support for pkgsrc, and you unpack a
  bootstrap kit which is self consistent

  2) base system has pkgsrc tools that are configured the same way as
  standard builds, so that base tools and standard build tools work

And yes, with 2 one can make a binary set with
--prefix=/usr/my-pkgsrc-flavor and unpack and use that, just as you can
do that on 1.

So as I see it

  1) NetBSD base should choose between:

    remove pkgtools and remove any PKGDB dirs


    configure according to how pkgsrc is now

  2) all bulk builds distributed for NetBSD and /usr/pkg should be using
     the pkgsrc defaults

(not trying to complain about what's happened; this has all been more
difficult than anyone anticipated)

> And that rings a bell, as we still have the open item of distributing
> certificates with each binary repo to be able to setup signed pkg
> verification - this also needs to happen before the first bin pkg is
> installed.

yes, but that problem is primarily about people's comfort with key
management, and has proved hard to solve.  I don't want to put that in
the critical path of getting path defaults right.

> So how about a "bin-pkg-config.tgz" at the top of each binary pkgs
> repo with well defined structure and all this needed information in there?

I don't think that makes sense as it is a halfway solution compared to
ripping out the tools.    It was never necessary when there wasn't
variant pkgdbs.

> This is only needed for NetBSD, as bootstrap kits carry it automatically.>


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