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Re: Qt6

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On Monday, August 2nd, 2021 at 00:13, Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> Niclas Rosenvik writes:
> [qt6 import]
> > There is not really any date set for it to be imported.
> >
> > I need help to test it on mac to verify the
> >
> > PLISTs etc since I don't have a mac. If you use macosx
> >
> > please feel free to test it to update the PLISTS if
> >
> > they are wrong. After that I think it is ready for
> >
> > import since there is a demand for it.

As I wrote on a private message, I can not test on macosx since, I don't use it. I've asked for help with this but, haven't got any answer back yet.

> If you are planning to import as qt6 while not changing qt5, and people
> can build/install them both at the same time, then I don't think it's
> critical exactly when.
> (If you are talking about replacing 5.15 with 6.x, then that's much
> scarier and we should have some kind of bulk builds with them staged, as
> I expect a lot would break.)

I was talking about the former, maybe should have made it clear from the start.

We simply can not replace Qt5 with Qt6, there're are too many packages that have not migrated yet, a lot would break. There're are, though some that provide support for both.

LXQt's next release maybe Qt6 hence, my interest.

To think about, though. Would it be possible to drop Qt4? I honestly don't know, so no need to get angry :)
Coming from a rolling-release model before joining NetBSD, I still tend to use nothing but the latest release of packages on my system. I even build some of them straight from the development branches for personal use.


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