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Re: Qt6

Niclas Rosenvik <> writes:

 [qt6 import]

> There is not really any date set for it to be imported.
> I need help to test it on mac to verify the
> PLISTs etc since I don't have a mac. If you use macosx
> please feel free to test it to update the PLISTS if
> they are wrong. After that I think it is ready for
> import since there is a demand for it.

If you are planning to import as qt6 while not changing qt5, and people
can build/install them both at the same time, then I don't think it's
critical exactly when.

(If you are talking about replacing 5.15 with 6.x, then that's much
scarier and we should have some kind of bulk builds with them staged, as
I expect a lot would break.)

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