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Re: lang/gcc10 does not compile with Darwin 20.5.0 + Xcode 11.4

> On Jun 18, 2021, at 10:24 AM, Jason Bacon <> wrote:
> I got a successful install by disabling the stage 2-3 comparison in the generated Makefile and it seems to work, but it's a matter of how much we trust the build to produce correct output with these checks disabled.
> I think it's not as critical to Darwin pkgsrc users as it is to Linux users who use GCC for everything, but it would be better to understand why the stage comparison is failing in any case.

Another dimension to this is that the normal build (i.e., with stage 2/3 comparison) works fine (for me on Darwin anyway) when the toolchain does not involve version slew.  See earlier in this thread for the two different combinations that I have tried, one of which works and one of which does not.  I think this means that skipping the comparisons should be conditional on the presence of Darwin version slew.

I am confused by this though, because I thought that both the stage2 and stage3 compilers were built by gcc, so the native tool chain should not matter.  Apparently, that is not the case.


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