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Re: lang/gcc10 does not compile with Darwin 20.5.0 + Xcode 11.4

> I read through that too and thought it really meant —with-dwarf2 as well.
> However, we use that option for older versions of Darwin:
> .if !empty(MACHINE_PLATFORM:MDarwin-[0-8].*-*)
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--with-dwarf2
> .endif
> This is Darwin 20.2.0, so I don’t think that matches.
> In any case, the discussion of including differing debug information seems more plausible, although I have not had a chance to check and I don’t know the implications of that.  For reference, here is what the gcc docs [1] say about that option:
> ‘bootstrap-debug’
> Verifies that the compiler generates the same executable code, whether or not it is asked to emit debug information. To this end, this option builds stage2 host programs without debug information, and uses contrib/compare-debug to compare them with the stripped stage3 object files. If BOOT_CFLAGS is overridden so as to not enable debug information, stage2 will have it, and stage3 won’t. This option is enabled by default when GCC bootstrapping is enabled, if strip can turn object files compiled with and without debug info into identical object files. In addition to better test coverage, this option makes default bootstraps faster and leaner.
> Perhaps someone who knows this better than I will chime in.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> Brook

I have added these to Makefile

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--disable-bootstrap
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--with-build-config=bootstrap-O1

and GCC builds turbo fast (one stage, I guess) without complaining.


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