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Re: lang/ocaml generated PLIST

Jaap Boender <> writes:

> What we could possibly do for 4.12 is to try and use the options framework to 
> make it very explicit what gets built and what doesn't. Some of this is 
> already supported by OCaml's configure (there's an option that determines 
> whether the native compiler gets built, for example), some not (profiling is 
> still set based on the architecture value), but that should be easy to patch 
> and I figure that that's a patch that might actually get accepted by upstream.
> We could then set conservative defaults, and possibly extend these defaults 
> based on what we know about certain architectures. It wouldn't remove the 
> PLIST pain altogether, but it would at least make testing easier, as I could 
> just try all possible combinations of options without having to have access to 
> all the different architectures.

If I follow correctly

  This is making the conditionals be about turning on options, and having
  the PLIST based on options correctly.

  That would let you (anyone really) check the PLIST with the options
  combinations on say NetBSD 9/amd64, and have some belief that on others
  sytems, the only issue is perhaps disabling an option when it could be

And then of course we can then see where we are after those steps.

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