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Re: lang/ocaml generated PLIST

On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 10:33:09AM +0200, Jaap Boender wrote:

> Seems like a sensible solution - the conditionals are a relic of the
> past that I've never really thought about removing; but now that you
> mention it, there certainly is no reason to keep them that I know
> of.

jperkin has a good point, that they catch failures to build things that
should be built.  I wonder if there is some way to get the benefit of
some check like that, without the PLIST pain.   That seems like
something that has a similar conditional to define if the optional
features should be built and checks them, but separated from the PLIST
machinery.  I don't know if that idea actually makes any sense.

> I was planning to migrate 4.12 from wip to main pkgsrc soonish, so I
> might make that change as well then, but if someone wants/needs to
> do it earlier, they're more than welcome to.

(Am assuming everyone agrees that updating ocaml before the freeze is
not ok.)

I don't see changing the PLIST scheme as particularly urgent; it semes
more of a long-term balance of PLIST management pain vs pain from
undetected build issues.  Given that we are in a mostly working state,
it doesn't seem to help in the very short term vs adding in a missing

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