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freeze started for 2021Q2

We are now in freeze for 2021Q2.

As always, freeze end depends on how things are, but the plan is for
perhaps Wednesday 6/23 around 16Z, earlier if everything seems to build,
later if necessary.

I put my freeze rules in the quarterly plan mostly to avoid retyping and
to avoid unintended changes, but there are no significant changes from
my past practice:

and they are:

  Build fixes are welcome

  Bug fixes (especially security fixes) are very welcome

  Micro updates that would be eligible and appropriate for stable branch
  pullups, because they fix a security bug or something serious, are ok

  Micro updates for packages whose recursive total depending package
  count is < 25 are ok

  For any other updates (especially under mk or pkgtools), please ask,
  explaining why the update furthers pkgsrc's goals of stabilty and
  usefulness for users. While there's no intent to completely prohibit
  changes, I'm concerned about impacts to platforms not tested, and I
  value working packages from the branch over packages being slightly

Testing and fixes are most welcome.  Anyone willing to build from source
can help by updating their tree to pkgsrc-current and building the
packages that they care about, or more if they are in the mood.


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