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xorg version confusion on pkgsrc-2021Q1 and NetBSD-current

Hi folks,

I've just spent a few days tracking down why pkgsrc-2021Q1 on a NetBSD
-current userland insisted on trying to install modular xorg.  This
commit is the source of the problem:

To shows the root of the problem, start with -current from May 2021
onwards and pkgsrc-2021Q1:

        pbp 238> cd /home/pkgsrc/time/dclock
        pbp 239> make show-var VARNAME=X11_TYPE
        pbp 240> make show-var VARNAME=IS_BUILTIN.libXt
        pbp 241> make show-var VARNAME=BUILTIN_VERSION.xorgproto

        pbp 242>

Note the BUILTIN_VERSION.xorgproto is blank.

To fix this problem on pkgsrc-2021Q1, update x11/xorgproto/ to
rev 1.9:

        pbp 242> make show-var VARNAME=X11_TYPE
        pbp 243> make show-var VARNAME=IS_BUILTIN.libXt
        pbp 244> make show-var VARNAME=BUILTIN_VERSION.xorgproto
        pbp 245>

I've fixed my local problem with that update to x11/xorgproto/

Bigger picture, how can we stop this type of problem occurring in the
future, for the case where NetBSD -current ahead enough of the most
recent pkgsrc quarterly release to cause this confusion?  Can we use the
combination of X11_TYPE = native and BUILTIN_VERSION.xorgproto being
blank to somehow be smarter that something isn't right and stop trying
to pull modular xorg in?


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