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Re: Brave people needed to check if OpenBLAS works on non-NetBSD/non-Linux

"Dr. Thomas Orgis" <> writes:

> # Darwin has a .so/.dylib PLIST issue
> # Untested on other platforms
> ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM=      Linux-*-* NetBSD-*-*
> I strongly suspect that this is outdated. Can I get a confirmation from
> some of the not mentioned platforms that it indeed builds?

ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM is supposed to mean that there is a good reason why a
package has a limited platform set, generally only because it does
something that only makes sense on that platform (or platforms), or
because it necessarily uses OS features that are only implemented on
some platforms.

It is incorrect to use ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM if upstream is non-portable
(without a really good argument why nonportable is ok), or because there
are build problems.

If there is a known build problem and we don't want to waste time,
BROKEN_ON is appropriate.

So I'd say just remove the line.  Maybe add BROKEN_ON_PLATFORM
for Darwin until somebody checks, but maybe just don't and someone who
finds taht can add it.

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