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Re: lang/gcc10 does not compile with Darwin 20.5.0 + Xcode 11.4

Here is a bit more information.  I have installed two different versions of Xcode (12.4 and 12.5) on the same machine.  With the same checkout of pkgsrc (2021-06-02), OSX_TOLERATE_SDK_SKEW=yes, and everything else identical, the former builds gcc10 while the latter fails with comparisons differing between stage2 and stage3.  Here are some details.

# uname -a
Darwin <hostname> 20.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 20.5.0: Sat May  8 05:10:33 PDT 2021; root:xnu-7195.121.3~9/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64
# sw_vers -productVersion                          

An abbreviated list of the commands to test this is the following:

# xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode-12.4.App
# xcrun --show-sdk-version                         
# cd /path/to/pkgsrc/lang/gcc10
# bmake package   # this successfully builds the package

# xcode-selecct -s /Applications/Xcode-12.5.App
# xcrun --show-sdk-version
# cd /path/to/pkgsrc/lang/gcc10
# bmake package   # this fails in the stage2/stage3 comparison

Any ideas regarding what is going on are welcome.  Thanks.


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