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Updating py-setuptools


Unfortunately, due to still running mailman, I still have to have python 2.7 around. This leads to not being able to use pkg_rolling-replace for updating python related things, but that's OK.

Updating devel/py-setuptools works fine for python 3.8, but when trying to updated for 2.7 it keeps trying to rebuild fully-up-to-date python 2.7:

make PYPACKAGE=python27 PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=27 package update
=> Full dependency python27>=3.8: NOT found
=> Verifying update for ../../lang/python27

Now I see that there's a separate version of setuptools for python 2.7 (devel/py-setuptools44) and I see that updating there works, but:

1) shouldn't a package that's explicitly told to use a version of python fail if the package doesn't support that version?

2) py-setuptools44 fails without PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=27 set in addition to PYPACKAGE. Shouldn't one imply the other?


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