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Re: Renaming gnome3* packages to gnome*

On 30.03.21 14:22, Dan Cîrnaț wrote:
With the new naming scheme, it doesn't make sense to keep package names
like "gnome-desktop3". With the new version the name wouldn't make sense
(gnome-desktop3-40.0). A new package (gnome-desktop40-40.0) is, in my
opinion unnecessary, since there isn't a huge difference between the 3.3x and the 40.x GNOME releases.

I was slightly wrong here. gnome-desktop will use the new versioning
scheme (40.0), but we might need 2 separate packages, one each for GTK3
and GTK4, for example: gnome-desktop3, gnome-desktop4. [0]

> meta-pkgs/gnome3: rename to gnome
> x11/gdm:  update from 2.x straight to 40.0
These are still valid, IMO


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