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Renaming gnome3* packages to gnome*


I'd like to propose renaming some GNOME packages in the light of the
recent 40.0 release and the new GNOME versioning scheme.

With the new naming scheme, it doesn't make sense to keep package names
like "gnome-desktop3". With the new version the name wouldn't make sense
(gnome-desktop3-40.0). A new package (gnome-desktop40-40.0) is, in my
opinion unnecessary, since there isn't a huge difference between the 3.3x and the 40.x GNOME releases.
It's been a decade since the last GNOME 2.x release s

Affected packages:
meta-pkgs/gnome3: rename to gnome
x11/gnome-desktop3: rename to gnome-desktop, overwrite current x11/gnome-desktop (2.x) version
x11/gdm:  update from 2.x straight to 40.0

Any thoughts?


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