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Re: Renaming gnome3* packages to gnome*

On 30.03.21 19:06, Greg Troxel wrote:

What I meant is: Do you envision that when 41 comes out, someone like
you can decide "yes, it's time to update" and we just update the packges
from 40 to 41,

This would be the desired scenario, yes.

and there is no thought of "but we need to import gnome40
versions of these 4 things because X depends on it and X doesn't work
with 41".

I'd rather wait before updating to 41 on pkgsrc in this case. Such
problems didn't occur with the 3.xx releases so there's no indication
that this can be an issue in the future.
(We didn't need a x11/gnome-shell338 or www/epiphany336, for example)

finddepends x11/gnome-desktop shows me rather a lot.  (It's not
necessary to take care of wip, but most of this isn't wip.)

That's because finddepends does a wildcard search, which includes
gnome-desktop3. I cleaned a broken build option from compiz and now
x11/gnome-desktop has no dependencies outside of wip:

bash -c "diff <(finddepends gnome-desktop3) <(finddepends gnome-desktop)"
> wip/gnome-desktop40/
> x11/gnome-desktop/
> wip/libslab/
> wip/desktop-data-model/Makefile
> wip/libslab/Makefile

So I'm not sure of the way forward here, but I hope you can see a good

Thanks, I'm even more confident about renaming now. I'll need to learn how to do a safe and painless package rename, but it sounds doable.


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