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Re: wip/adguardhome feedback and suggestions (was: ALTERNATIVES framework and multiple package versions question)

W dniu 24.01.2021 o 16:56, Bartek Krawczyk pisze:
W dniu 24.01.2021 o 15:58, Benny Siegert pisze:
It is considered best practice for Go code to check in the generated files. You should not need to have packr installed to build. If you do, that's a big that should be reported upstream.

You've lost a word there, I assume you meant "a big no no". Thx I'll check their beta build system and try reaching out to them.

What about import() blocks in the code? These also tend to link to external packages/modules. What's the approach here?

I've done more reading and go install should not download anything new, just compile whatever module is already downloaded to $GOPATH/src/*

So in my case packr gets downloaded by pkgsrc fetch phase, then it's built and used to prepare Go src files of AdGuard Home and then Go can build AdGuard Home. Apart from extra steps (to me not that different to patching) I don't think this violates any pkgsrc guidelines? An improvement could be to have a separate go-packr package listed in BUILD_DEPENDS.

I will remove the go generate ./... step, include those go:generate header steps directly in do-build target and continue working on the package.

How may I get the frontend archive uploaded to MASTER_LOCAL_SITES?

Stay tuned.
Bartek Krawczyk

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