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Re: Timeout on configure stage

> Op 11 nov. 2020, om 15:05 heeft Jonathan Perkin <> het volgende geschreven:
> We've been around this argument before however, so if people still
> disagree with me I suggest you just go ahead and remove
> NOT_FOR_BULK_PLATFORM entirely, as if you're just going to use the
> BROKEN sledgehammer for everything then it seems entirely pointless,
> and we can avoid future arguments.

No disagreement here on your reasoning on the futility of marking
every failing package BROKEN. But I do think we agree that a package
hanging the bulk build should be addressed in some way and also
that listing them in a Joyent configuration file isn't quite general

I'd be happy to mark those package NOT_FOR_BULK_PLATFORM when I
encounter them, but doesn't that hide them from the bulk reports
as well, masking the issue even more than BROKEN would?

By the way, ja-groff was the only one causing a hang for me. But
maybe other such packages failed indirectly.


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