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Re: Timeout on configure stage

> Op 8 nov. 2020, om 09:39 heeft Jonathan Perkin <> het volgende geschreven:
> In addition to this (I also add "ulimit -t 3600" to my pbulk.conf)
> there are some packages that simply hang without using CPU, and
> there's no reasonable way to detect this.

Right, I don't see how a timeout on 0% CPU would be implemented
well without an extra helper script or tool.

> For these, which include textproc/ja-groff, I have this section in my
> mk.conf that skips such packages entirely:

Thanks for this!

> You will probably want similar.  Some of these packages may have since
> been fixed, though, so we should verify the full list at some point.

I'll go through all of them and verify. I've already added
BROKEN_ON_PLATFORM to ja-groff since the problem isn't specific to
bulk builds. Is this ok, and can I add them to the others too after

(Of course the whole point of getting this bulk build going is to
identify packages to fix and then do so.)


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