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Re: Timeout on configure stage

* On 2020-11-11 at 19:26 GMT, Sijmen Mulder wrote:

> > Op 11 nov. 2020, om 15:05 heeft Jonathan Perkin <> het volgende geschreven:
> > 
> > We've been around this argument before however, so if people still
> > disagree with me I suggest you just go ahead and remove
> > NOT_FOR_BULK_PLATFORM entirely, as if you're just going to use the
> > BROKEN sledgehammer for everything then it seems entirely pointless,
> > and we can avoid future arguments.
> No disagreement here on your reasoning on the futility of marking
> every failing package BROKEN. But I do think we agree that a package
> hanging the bulk build should be addressed in some way and also
> that listing them in a Joyent configuration file isn't quite general
> enough.

Yeh, like many things I patch and hack as I go to get things working,
and then look to upstream things properly when I'm happy with them.
This is just one of those things that is still on the TODO list, and
they definitely shouldn't stay solely in my configuration files.

> I'd be happy to mark those package NOT_FOR_BULK_PLATFORM when I
> encounter them, but doesn't that hide them from the bulk reports
> as well, masking the issue even more than BROKEN would?

No, they still show up in the bulk build reports, and so are correctly
counted and identified as causing dependency failures so that we are
aware of them, though the way they are identified isn't ideal:

However that's still better than BROKEN*, which while logged in the
report, do not count for the "Packages causing the most breakage", so
can sometimes result in many packages being missing without notice.

> By the way, ja-groff was the only one causing a hang for me. But
> maybe other such packages failed indirectly.

Possibly, I should re-evaluate the list to see what is still required
on a build where more packages are attempted.


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