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Re: Adding ninja to tools framework

23 October 2020, 05:51:32, by "Michael Forney" <>:
> Yeah, I've seen your updated patch in PR 55027. I think it is best to
> make these changes incrementally, so I'm starting with simply adding
> the tool. Once that is in, the next step is to update any packages
> that have BUILD_DEPENDS on ninja-build (which probably should have
> been TOOL_DEPENDS anyway) to use the tool, just as you've done in your
> patch.
> As far as controlling based on NINJA_BUILD, I'm not
> sure about this. There don't seem to be any other tools that work this
> way. But at least with a ninja tool, the implementation that is used
> can be controlled in a single place.

Ok, thanks for the review and explanation. Having the tools framework
as the single control point would indeed be more straightforward to
maintain, without new defaults variables.

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