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Re: Adding ninja to tools framework

On 2020-10-19, Denys Nykula <> wrote:
> Please see if any parts of PATCH v2 in my PR 55027 thread are useful to
> supplement your suggestion.
> Meson puts ninja-build in BUILD_DEPENDS. I changed that to USE_TOOLS, and
> had
> used samurai system-wide, until the ninja-build upstream merged my musl
> patch
> and pkgsrc updated to that version.

Thanks, Denys.

Yeah, I've seen your updated patch in PR 55027. I think it is best to
make these changes incrementally, so I'm starting with simply adding
the tool. Once that is in, the next step is to update any packages
that have BUILD_DEPENDS on ninja-build (which probably should have
been TOOL_DEPENDS anyway) to use the tool, just as you've done in your

As far as controlling based on NINJA_BUILD, I'm not
sure about this. There don't seem to be any other tools that work this
way. But at least with a ninja tool, the implementation that is used
can be controlled in a single place.

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