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Testing mksh as bootstrap shell


As per recent discussions, we should start looking at alternatives to
shells/pdksh as our only available bootstrap shell, as it has bugs and
nobody has been interested in maintaining it.

A number of years ago I implemented shells/dash as a bootstrap option:

and initially had a look at updating that to a newer release, but
quickly ran into build issues on macOS.  It appears that a number of
patches were still required from my prior attempt 6 years ago too.

So, on Benny's recommendation, I took a look at shells/mksh instead,
and it actually looks pretty good.  Not much larger than dash, looks
very portable, and so far has only needed one small patch to fix an
issue with bootstrapping using the legacy Solaris /bin/sh.

I have a branch here:

or you can just cherry-pick the commits here:

I'm currently testing this in a full bulk build on my
macos15-trunk-x86_64 build hosts, and have successfully bootstrap on
my Solaris 9/x86 VM, but would appreciate some other platform tests,
as well as opinions on other colours we should be painting this
bikeshed instead.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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