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Re: the nature of pkgsrc support for OS versions (release vs stable)

A nastier variant of this is likely to hit for Firefox once NetBSD 9.1
is released.

Right now www/firefox disables multiprocess for NetBSD < 9.1 as
running with it enabled is likely to crash (both browser and machine).
The issues have been fixed and pulled up into 9_STABLE, and will
obviously be in 9.1.

This is further complicated because as of firefox 77 and 77.0.1
disabling multiprocess breaks rendering of most http pages, so you
really want it on...

You could argue that any bugs fixed in STABLE which are important
enough to warrant upgrading pkgbuild boxes are important enough to
warrant a release (note: this is being said by someone who doesn't
have to do the work of such a release).


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